Hundreds of years ago, Philippines houses particularly those of the affluent, were built out of what are now considered scarce: molave, narra, balayong, and other hardwood.

These materials- though having given way to concrete and cement as basic building their strength and beauty. It is this strength still the desired preference for furniture in many of today's homes.

Recognizing this, Recuerdos, which was started in 1979 primarily as an antique shop, entered an exciting new field in 1993: creating furniture made out of these rare old hardwood materials. Materials that speak of the richness of age - irregularities in the form of fissures and dents that have come about in the passage of time.
All forming part of its strong appeal and desirability.

Guided by the basic principle of using only the highest quality of aged wood, Recuerdos is a special place where the past meets contemporary needs. Through its selection of furniture pieces - from the traditional to custom-made one-of-a-kind ones - you will see here that tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Bridging the past and the limitless design possibilities of the future.